The Koester Group of Companies


First... its pronounced "Kes-ter" as in "tes-ter" or  "se-mes-ter'" 

We keep a sense of humour about the number of different variations we hear on our name. Truth be told, other than our company's namesake Mark Koester,  most of us have had our own missteps with it. We like to think however that once you have met someone from Koester or trusted us with your business, you won't have difficulty remembering our name again.

The number of communities and businesses who have trusted the Koester name with their water and wastewater infrastructure needs has grown steadily since the company was founded over 40 years ago. Koester Associates' reputation for providing consistent value-based, quality solutions has positioned Koester as the most trusted name for the supply of water and wastewater treatment and pumping  equipment to municipal and industrial users in the eastern United States.  

In 2013 Koester Canada emerged, built upon the Koester tradition of excellence and focussed on providing a comprehensive  design, build, opearate, and finance (DBOF) offering to the Canadian water market. After adding Ontario-based Team Aquatic Management to the Koester Group of Companies, Koester Canada has become the largest operator of privately owned water and wastewater treatment systems in Ontario.

At Koester, we dont believe in standing still. Today's innovation is tomorrow's antique and while we never diminish the value of the tried and true, we have to accept that the world is ever-changing. Growth pressures and oversubscribed government funding programs combined with more stringent compliance standards for drinking water quality and wastewater effluent demand that we look at better ways to deliver our services. Our industry has to be flexible and not only adapt, but anticipate those changes so we can offer our clients the best value for their precious infrastructure dollar. At Koester we accept that challenge and embrace the adoption of market disruptive technologies, service delivery strategies and procurement models to bring practical, sustainable infrastructure solutions to our clients on both sides of the boarder.

Looking for a a better way to plan and implement your water infrastructure project or, operate your existing facilities?  Call Koester.

Bet you pronounced it correctly now. :)

Koester Canada Sales