Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

Whether municipally or privately owned, Koester brings big thinking to small developments - Anywhere

Many peri-urban or rural communities across Ontario are faced with the need to overhaul their wastewater treatment capabilities to accommodate an increasing population, or more stringent environmental regulations. Historically, the defalult solution was connect to an existing centralized system via a large forcemain. If that solution proved to be cost prohibitive they would have to continue to rely on septic or on-site systems. However, there is another option for these communities – a decentralized wastewater plant from Koester Canada.

A decentralized system option favoured by Koester involves incorporating individual inteceptor tanks in the collection network to  pre-treat wastewater from each home or a group of several homes onsite, retaining the solids in the tank for ongoing passive digestion. The liquid fraction of the waste is conveyed though small diameter, water tight,  gravity fed sewers to a local treatment unit. Essentially the collection network functions as a primary and partial secondary treatment step for the community's wastewater.  

This has a significant impact on the size and cost of all of the downstream infrastructure, specifically the treatment plant.  With the majority of solids retained in the onsite tanks a sealed pipe network that keeps out extraneous inflow and infiltration, Koester will design, build, install and operate a treatment plant that is smaller, provides more effective treatment and is substantially more economical to purchase and operate. 

The topper?  Koester guarantees the long term operation of the treatment plant with the best Performance Guarantee in the business.

Whether it is a community of 40 houses or 4,000. Call us no matter what province or country your community is located in. We would like to help you. 

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