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May 5, 2016

The Evolution of Koester Canada's On Site Fabrication of Containerized Membrane Treatment Plants

At its core, Koester is an equipment specialist. We design, sell, build, maintain and operate systems of all makes and performance capabilities.  Historically and currently,  we have no ownership in any of the technologies we utilize in our systems consequently, we have the ability to select whatever technology works best and produces the best overall system. In this context Koester has embraced the Design Build Operate Finance (DBOF) model as our means to bring the greatest value to our customers.

From our beginnings as an equipment supplier we expanded our offering to provide installation of the products as well as after-sales service and maintenance.  From there we grew to include complete long term plant operations. As we enlarged our thinking, we leveraged our in house experience in large facility construction and project management to take on complete Design Build Operate projects for new decentralized water and wastewater facilities. 

Our intention was to turn over the fabrication of the plants to the companies that specialize in that market space. However as we grew into this market, we realized that those companies were often married to a particular treatment technology  which meant that once that technology became dated, the value of that packaged solution diminished. They also did not operate the plants they made and we found there were significant improvements that could be had in the design process to make them more operator friendly, which would lead to lower long term operating costs at the plants.

It seemed then a natural progression for Koester to take its expertise in  equipment evaluation and selection, construction management, plant operations and and enduring commitment to provide unequalled value to its customers and actually design AND build and the plants we planned to install and operate.  With no requirement to use a particular technology we are free to use the best available technology for the solution we recommend.  

In 2015, Koester was contracted to design, build, install and operate a containerized wastewater treatment plant by Clearford Water Systems Inc. The plant services a mobile home community in Eastern Ontario providing state of the art membrane treatment at a completely affordable price.

Clearford was committed to providing membrane wastewater treatment technology for its client. There are a numerous membranes in this market, each with its own twist on how best to provide tertiary wastewater treatment so selecting the right wastewater membrane technology among the myriad of options available was daunting. Finding a turnkey supplier that could also fabricate a fully functioning containerized membrane treatment plant, install it, commission it and operate it under a fixed price contract for 30 years seemed like a real stretch but for Koester Canada, this is exactly what we do.

Koester assembled the entire plant and completed factory testing  in our Brantford location in just over 7 weeks, which by industry standards truly qualifies as ‘market disruptive’. The plant was delivered on time and on budget and was fully commissioned three weeks later.

Since Koester designed it, built it and operates it, we provide a performance guarantee which no other provider can match. In short, if we own the process of making it, we will own the responsibility for its long term performance. There can be and will be no finger pointing if bumps occur down the road.

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