Engineering and Design Solutions By Engineers Who Understand Plant Operations... Makes Sense Doesn't it?

Water and wastewater treatment doesn't have to be a mystery. Unfortunately it is to most. This is due in large part to the fact that water and wastwater infrastructure is primarily  underground. The old addage 'out of sight, out of mind' is quite relevant when it comes to water and wastewater services.

At Koester, we believe that if you have a problem, you should get the best advice you can from the people who know the most about it. In the water business we have observed that doesn't always happen. To use a Medical Doctor analogy, too often owners of water and wastewater systems defer to engineering generalists when in fact, they would be better served going to a specialist. The engineers are all well  trained and professionally  accredited yet, they may not have been exposed to the particular issues, treatment technologies, or procurement methods that could be the remedy to the ailments you are suffering from. Consequently, if they dont know, they can't be effective in providing the proper diagnosis.

When you have an issue with your water or wastewater system's performance, Koester believes you can save yourself alot of time, money and get better advice from a company that specializes-- every day --in the design, construction and operation of those facilities. It also helps if that company is already intimately familiar with your facilities or, has experience operating or building something similar.

Better yet, wouldn't it make sense  if the company that provided the advice actually had a long term stake in how it performed?  When you make a call to Koester Canada about your water infructure issues, you get the straight forward, informed and practical advice that we all want. And if you want, we can implement the solution we advocate.   At Koester, we think your system shouldn't be a mystery and the solution to your issue should be informed, researched and evaluated by a company and people that have a long term stake in the sucessful performance of your system. We want you to feel comfortable with the path we recommend and unlike alot of companies, we will back it up with guarantees. 

Sound reasonable? Give us a call, or send us an email. We would be happy to discuss it with you. 

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