It's About The Money


Asking the Necessary Questions

It is the elephant in the room and it is the question that often doesn't get asked early enough in the process. What is servicing my community or expanding my plant really going to cost ?

At Koester we can tell you what it will cost but the better question to ask is: What can you afford? Once we know that, we can work backward with you from there and tailor a solution that fits your budget.That solution can include financing the entire project and recovering the capital and long term operating costs through fixed monthly user rates.

Often times, coming up with the right solution is less about the technology and more about the procurement process followed to get there.

The Koester Approach

Koester provides the entire infrastructure solution. We design it, secure approvals, build, install and operate it for the long term. So when a client wants to understand what the true cost of the project is --not only what it costs to design and build it but also what it will cost to operate and maintain once it is built-- Koester stands alone in this market at being able to offer a bankable answer to that question.

The Traditional Approach

The Koester approach is in stark contrast with the traditional fragmented procurement process for residential and commercial water and wastewater infrastructure implementation. The owner typically hires an engineering firm to evaluate, advise and select an infrastructure solution to service the development; the process is funded by the owner; they may retain one firm to secure approvals, another firm to design the system, another firm to build and install it and then finally another firm to operate and maintain the infrastructure on an ongoing basis. 

While each company in the procurement chain has a good idea on how to deliver their individual component piece, none have a true, "big picture" view and a long-term, ongoing stake in how the system ultimately performs. This procurement system can work when everything goes smoothly. But that is the exception rather than the rule for substantial water infrastructure servicing projects. When things go wrong it often becomes an exercise in assigning or deflecting blame rather than getting the job done.  You also have to consider that each firm in the process has its own margins to be accounted for. They have all priced in their own assessment of risk and profit requirements which in the end, typically lead to higher costs. 

Koester brings the entire project delivery process under one roof. In doing so we provide a unique level of accountability and ownership for the project's ultimate success that affords no room for finger pointing. If we run the entire process, we guarantee performance.  Our goal is to make the process  simple, efficient and risk free for our clients. 

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