Operations and Maintenance


Designed and Built with Operations in Mind.

The 'O' in the DBOF (Design Build Operate Finance) delivery model is the key to ensuring the long term sustainabilty of a water infrastructure solution. Koester is a company that understands the importance of having a command of the 'O'.

A water or wastewater plant is not a disposable item. It is a big investment and once its bought, its going to be around for awhile. At Koester, we design, build, install and finance plants with a mind to operating them for the long term. If you are a Koester client, you can be assured that once it's built, we will ensure your plant performs the way you paid us for it to perform. In fact, we will guarantee it.

Koester Team Aquatic (KTA) is the  'O' in the Koester  DBOF model. In 2013 Team Aquatic Management joined the Koester Group of Companies. This provided a tremendous opportunity for current Team Aquatic and futre KTA  clients  to leverage the engineering, design, construction, equipment and financing capabilities of Koester Canada with the professional operations and maintenance services they came to enjoy from Team Aquatic and, continue to experience with KTA  

Operation-Centric Solutions:

Typically, most of the focus of building a new plant is on the capital cost. While Koester fully understands the importance of mitigating the cost of building and installing a treatment facility, Koester places great importance on the impact technology selection for new systems or upgrades for existing systems will have on the future life-cycle operating costs.  If a system costs too much to operate and maintain, a community or a development will have to live (or not live) with the consequences of that for decades.  At Koester we get it, and we will provide solutions that are financially sustainable for our clients.

In the traditional aproach to water infrastructure design and implementation, the operator of the faciliy is often the last person consulted (if at all).  At Koester, the operator is in it up front. Our design engineers and technologists actually operate the plants and major upgrade solutions we design. We know what works and what doesn't. We take our first hand practical knowledge of plant operations and factor it into the design process. The result is a better plant that is easier to build  and less expensive to operate.

Koester clients enjoy the economic benefits of partnering with a full service partner for all of their water and wastewater infrastructure needs.  Whether it is basic operations, system optimization, major capital improvements, upgrades and expansions, or even commissioning a brand new containerized or skid mounted treatment works, Koester clients can turn over the engineering, design, equipment selection,  approvals, and operational management to KTA. The efficiency of having a one stop shop for infrastructure solutions leads to lower capital and long term maintenance costs.

Whether it is simply water and wastewater plant operations, or something bigger, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your options as we see them.

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